Do You Believe In The Magic Of Sunflowers?


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Hi friend,

If you are reading this letter, we most likely share an affinity for sunflowers and colour.

My current sunflower obsession all started when I was a child.

I was in year 5 when my teacher sent me home with a single sunflower seed.

I took this home and planted it in some fresh soil. I nurtured this seedling for months.

When the flower finally opened I was in awe of the burst of colour that came from a tiny brown seed.

Enthused by this excitement, this became a yearly tradition.

My sister and I always competed for the tallest sunflower, I guess I was the oldest, so I always won.

I have always drawn and painted, but I never thought to paint the sunflowers that I grew in my garden each year.

That was until my young son, took up the family tradition.

Look at my garden this year, it brings me smiles, every day.

In 2019, my view on art changed when I visited the Vincent Van Gogh Exhibition in London.

I watched the crowds of visitors study each painting. What did they see in his work?

I began to notice the energetic brushwork and vivid colours, but I also felt energised and uplifted in front of them.

I wanted more.

In the final room of the exhibition, I came face to face with the famous painting of the vase of sunflowers on a yellow background.

I thought to myself, “you can’t paint yellow sunflowers on a yellow background, who does that? Surely that’s breaking the rules?” This left me questioning what I knew about colour theory.

That was the seed that has changed my career.

On leaving the exhibition I purchased a set of oil paints, and the next day I nurtured my first sunflower oil painting into existence.

In that one weekend, as I put the puzzle pieces together I had finally created harmony, between my art and nature.

I realised I am a painter of sunflowers!

I have since found freedom in breaking the rules of colour theory by clashing vivid spray paint with traditional oil paint.

Having waited patiently for years, it is now time to send my sun-kissed sunflowers into the world.

My “Blazing Sun” collection explores the colour of light, from dawn to dusk.

I am giving away one free print to as many people as I can reach, as my way of uplifting their spirits and brightening up their homes.

Which colour sings loudest for you?

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Do you want to know more about this special collection?

My inspiration for this collection was taken from the daily cycle of the sun. The collection starts at MIDNIGHT, with the magic of sleep and rejuvination.

We wait patiently for the sunrise, DAWN emerges from sleep in a blanket of pastel colours. Butterflies and life bursting from within.

As the sun is high in the sky, the fluorescent spray paint really shines through creating an intense BLAZE of colour.

As the sun sets, my use of oil paints tame the composition. Warm yellows and oranges represent the fading light at SUNSET.

TWILIGHT ends the day, as the moons light is strongest.

This sunflower collection is a celebration of life and tribute to the sun.

Embrace the magic of sunflowers and let happiness fill your home and heart.


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As the night fades away,

I open my eyes, eager for the day.

Darkness gives way to light,

and I can't wait to see what's in sight.

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A ray of sunshine begins to take flight, Breaking through the cold, dark night.

I step outside and take a breath,

The day is born and life begins afresh.

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Golden and warm, it spreads its glow,

And I am bathed in a gentle flow.

Standing tall and proud, I face the sun, And soak in its warmth, until the day is done.

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As the sun sets, the sky's ablaze,

Fiery reds and oranges in a stunning display.

I pause to reflect on all that I've done,

Without a single regret,

the day is won.

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But as the stars twinkle and the moon rises high, I know that tomorrow will bring a new day's light.

So I lay my head down, close my eyes,

And dream of all the adventures that await in the skies.

£14.95 Free!

*Just pay £3.90 UK shipping & handling fee


Artist Katie Jarman is from Worcestershire, UK and has taught art for nearly two decades. She has an extensive portfolio of subjects including florals, landscapes, figures and animals, which can be purchased from her website.

Katie is the recipient of three international art competitions with Milan Art Institute, (including best theme, most sellable art and skill).

Her recent solo show at the Civic Centre in Stourport, was a big success selling many original oil paintings.

Currently showing at Beverley Gallery, Worcester!

She paints commissions regularly and supports community projects by designing artwork, posters and advertising.

She has a large following on social media with over 10,000 followers.

You can also watch art lessons and tutorials on YouTube where she talks through an extensive range of processes and techniques.

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